Jul 12 2012

Styling Esperanza Spalding

V Nunes was honored to be commissioned to design and create an upper arm cuff for the talented grammy award winner bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding.

 The piece is called 'Honey Rose' and the design was inspired by the organic shape of the honey combs and named after the singer's hometown Portland, also know as 'city of the roses'.

The singer has apperaed performing wearing V Nunes arm cuff at the Montreal and Toronto Jazz festivals and now she's on her 2012 international tour.


  • August 16, 2012

    I’ve been a big fan since 08 too! The first time I saw her, she was on Good Morning America I believe it was. I was so taken aback by her talnet and beautiful voice not to mention her stunning beauty! I’m excited about the new album release thanks for the infor Mae!hunnieglazed.blogspot.com