May 22 2012

Embrace: The Wearable Art Collection

 Inspired on the Wearable Art Movement by modernist jewelry designers from the 30's-60's who looked into the fine arts for inspiration, breaking away from the mainstream jewelry design.

The Embrace pieces are inspired on living organisms, biomorphic shapes embracing an Amazonite stone, native from Amazon river in Brazil.

Embrace is a limited edition collection and will be available in our website soon.




  • August 16, 2012

    I was searching ALLL over the web for soiethmng like this! I am glad i finally found you. I have a wedding coming up in october (10th) and have 5 bridesmaids and 2 mothers to accommodate I may include grandmothers which would be 2 and great grandmother who will be 98 the day of our wedding! I do not have any broken china but i am looking for soiethmng to go with my theme. The theme is black, white, pewter and purple basically revolves around a damask idea. HELP!!!thank you!Chelsea Salisbury