Sep 03 2011

Design Process: Brick Ring

Exposed brick buildings, arches and bridges of NYC served as inspiration for the design of the brick ring.

After having an idea of the theme, I design different solutions for shapes and ideas for the ring. The overall shape chosen to design solution is the one that better meets the concept, of a bridge base and arch; the curve fits the fingers comfortably and organically.

Then, the overall dimensions are transferred to the wax.

After the dimensions are transferred, the ring is sawed and filed until the desired shape is achieved.

When the overall shape is achieved, the texture on bricks are made using carving tools and a compass.

Once the brick texture in the wax model is done, the model needs to be hollowed to become a light piece of jewelry

Now the light wax ring model will be casted into sterling silver in a process called “lost wax casting” where the wax model is placed in a mold and burned. The wax is lost when it melts and in its place in the cavity of the mold is replaced with molten silver (or other precious metal). The silver will solidify and you’ll have a silver model of your piece.

After the casting process, the piece needs to be cleaned and finished with files, send papers and polishing before making a mold of it.


  • October 02, 2011

    Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sweteeahrt and a certified genius.